Vacation Exchange

Cooperative Exchange & Travel Program

You can travel anywhere in the world and stay for free in private homes or fine hotels.  How?  By participating in Dito Po Sa Amin…”PAGSANJAN” Cooperative Exchange & Travel Program.  You may apply as “host” or “visitor”.  As participating visitor or host or registered member of this Program, you offer your home as a stopping point for compatible people when it is convenient for you.  In return you can stay for free in any member throughout the world (local or international).  Most of the people who belong to this Program are interesting, adventurous and fun-loving.  On your next vacation enjoy the personal contact of staying in someone else’s home.  Set the world on a shoestring and enjoy!

How It Works?

Step 1.  Apply & Submit Letter of Intent to us.

Step 2. Review & Screening of Applicants – For security of all parties, we conduct necessary screening and verification to participating applicants (both visitor and host applicant).

Step 3.  Matching & Approval of Applicants – Once application is approved visitor or host will receive confirmation and the list of approved list of visitors or hosts from us.  Only the approved visitor or host receives the list.

Step 4.  Scheduling of Travel or Vacation– In this stage, in coordination with the approved hosts, we coordinate with compatible visitor to finalize schedule of travel and other details.

Step 5.  Compatible Visitor Receives Letter of Understanding – After Step 4 is done we will send the compatible visitor a Letter of Understanding for the conformity.

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