Stop Start Road

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By Foreign Eyes

Jesus says to evaluate the cost before starting a project (Luke 14:28-30).  Is this the story of the stop-start road from Brgy. Binan through Cabanbanan?

Big machines come and punch holes in the existing road, then they go home.  A few months later more big machines come and dig up the ruined road, then they too go home  A few months go-by then men come and put up metal-form work to hold the concrete of the new road.  This form works it for a while as a start testimony to inertia.

Finally, a short stretch of concrete island.   And the whole painful process is repeated at another seemingly random stretch of roadway.

Meanwhile in the real world of jeepneys, tricycles, trucks, cars and people we sit and wait in long queues.  Drivers turn their engines off.  A mute testimony  to Jesus words.

Perhaps the saddest part is the large sign that sits blanky mute advising the progress of the stop-start road.  The road starts then stops.  Traffic stops then starts then stops again.  People stop.  Start and allow extra time to sit stationary in queues.  Jeepneys do one or two less trips per day.DSC06286
Tricycles dodge and weave around the ruined old road.

Perhaps if the the road planners knew Jesus words the Australian acronym would not apply —6 P’s:  Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance.


What They Say About Pagsanjan Falls?

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The town of   Pagsanjan has became premiere tourists attraction in the province of Laguna because of its famous Pagsanjan Falls.  It’s really spectacular , unique, enchanting and amazing that’s why many tourists from around the world have been attracted to visit it and experience the thrill and adventure of shooting the rapids.  Surely, you’ll be having unusual stories to share  with your friends and family after the trip.

I want you to feel the actual encounter of visiting the Falls so  I’m sharing the following reviews made by  adventurous and fun-loving people who have been there.  I excerpted these for you from Yelp.Com :

“The best experience so far on my trip in the Philippines. If you are looking for places to go or experience in the Philippines, this would be just one of them. The waters come from the national falls of the Philippines. It’s about two hours from Manila due to the traffic but still a good experience”(Edna G).

“The canoe ride was amazing so I didn’t mind that I couldn’t get near Pagsanjan Falls. It was unlike I’ve ever experienced. You get motored to the rapids and once you’re near the rapids, 2 boatmen paddle you upriver. It’s a lot of work so tip them well.”(Jesicca G.)

“But I promise you, the journey to the falls is worth it. You will get to see a really picturesque area. Since it’s such a tourist attraction, there’s even a man made raft that could take you straight to the falls! I noticed though a lot of Koreans love going to this place (I wonder why). Now, the journey back up to land is the harder part (since it’s going up). Overall, this is a good day trip to do!”(Katrina E.)

“As an archipelago, the country isn’t blessed with the most spectacular of mountain ranges. We do have some nice ones, but the variety and shapes are limited. One side effect of having small mountain ranges is the lack of dramatic waterfalls. The waterfall is one of the most spectacular sights in nature, and though we don’t quite have anything to rival Niagra or Angel’s Falls, we do have a few good ones like Pagsanjan falls. It is one of the most famous in the country with its three tiers and beautiful view inside devil’s cave. The boat ride to reach it is calm and smooth, ensuring even senior citizens can make the trip“.(Mikey A)

I encourage all  people who already visited Pagsanjan Falls to  share your memorable trip with us and we’ll be happy to publish it here.  Remember sharing is caring.