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Trivia: The Pagsanjan Falls Postage Stamp Printed In Error (1932)

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This is the  postage stamp notable for having an error was issued On May 3, 1932.  It is part of a set of seven stamps showing places of interest and landmarks in the Philippines,  at that time a United States territory. It is a postage stamp design error printed in the United States and intended to display an image of Pagsanjan Falls, a tourist attraction in Laguna province in the Philippines. However, the image on the stamp is actually of Vernal Fall in Yosemite National Park, California.

Vernal Falls Rainbow.jpg
By God of War at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The error came about because the engraver, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, used a photograph of Vernal Fall as the basis for the image on the stamp because the wrong image had been supplied by the post office in Manila. At the time, July 1941, it was estimated that one and a half million copies had been printed even though a recall was considered.  No stamp was issued with a corrected image.

This is the correct image of Pagsanjan Falls:

Ausflug Falls 1992 Manila.jpg
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Shooting The Rapids & Pagsanjan Falls

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Tourism Campaign ng Pamahalaang Lokal ng Pagsanjan, Dapat Suportahan

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Tourists arrival sa Pagsanjan hindi pa rin nakakabawi  simula nang ito ay  magdropped   ng 17% noong 2014 based on 137,999 actual tourists arrival registered in 2013.   Bagaman noong 2015 ay tumaas ito ng wala pang 1% o may total na  957 increase versus 2014, tourists arrival sa Pagsanjan nananatiling matamlay na kailangang bigyan agad ng mabilisan at epektibong solusyon.

In  this video, through comprehensive report ng batikang broadcast journalist na si  Jessica Soho, sa kanyang isang newscast State of the Nation with Jessica Soho on GMA News TV, na nalathala noong March, 2016, ay makikita nyo ang graph , ano ba ang masamang epekto nito sa mga kapatid nating bangkero at kung ano ang ginagawa ng Pamahalaang Lokal sa pagpapaunlad ng turismo sa ating bayan.

Kayo, ano ba ang inyong recommendations para matulungan natin ang ating Pamahalaang Lokal sa tourists campaign ng Pagsanjan?

Write your comments below.

Alden RichardsVideo: Visited Pagsanjan Falls For The First Time With Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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May trivia si Alden Richards sa video’ng ito about Pagsanjan Falls. Also, you can see in this video his action -packed adventure during “shooting the rapids”:

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Best Time To Visit The Enchanting Pagsanjan Falls?

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December to May is the best time to visit the enchanting Pagsanjan Falls.  Aside from good weather condition  you can able to observe the Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival which is being held during summer time.

Shooting the Rapids to Pagsanjan Falls

One of my favorite segments of ABS-CBN “Tara , Grets!” by Gretchen Fullido traveled to Pagsanjan, Laguna some time in April, 2015 to experience its famous waterfalls.  On the following video  you can watch  her exciting adventure and you will have an idea what is called “shooting the rapids”.

 Tara, Grets! Exploring Pagsanjan Falls

Shooting the Rapids is the famous attraction when you visit Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of Laguna.  You can reach our famous town about 2-3 hours travel if you’re from Manila.