Congratulations Graduates!!!

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Ang Dito Po Sa Amin..”PAGSANJAN” ay lubos na sumasaludo to all students na matagumpay na makapagtapos sa kanilang kanikaniyang kurso this school year 2016.  Gayundin, binabati rin namin ang mga magulang ng mga nagsipagtapos na alam namin na lubos ang  kanilang kaligayahan sa tagumpay na nakamit ng kanilang mga anak.


Best Time To Visit The Enchanting Pagsanjan Falls?

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December to May is the best time to visit the enchanting Pagsanjan Falls.  Aside from good weather condition  you can able to observe the Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival which is being held during summer time.

Shooting the Rapids to Pagsanjan Falls

One of my favorite segments of ABS-CBN “Tara , Grets!” by Gretchen Fullido traveled to Pagsanjan, Laguna some time in April, 2015 to experience its famous waterfalls.  On the following video  you can watch  her exciting adventure and you will have an idea what is called “shooting the rapids”.

 Tara, Grets! Exploring Pagsanjan Falls

Shooting the Rapids is the famous attraction when you visit Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of Laguna.  You can reach our famous town about 2-3 hours travel if you’re from Manila.