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“Money may not be the most important thing, but it affects every other important thing in your life”



Full Video Coverage On Visiting The Pagsanjan Falls

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Source: LonelyFlying

“The most popular way of reaching the falls is through the Shooting the rapids boat ride, which originates from any of the resorts along Bumbungan and Balanac Rivers. Two skilled and licensed boatmen takes one to three passengers on wooden or fiberglass, long, narrow canoes to the falls, which could take more than an hour of paddling upstream depending on traffic and water level. The journey takes passengers through the narrow and verdant Pagsanjan Gorge lined with huge boulders, rocks and small waterfalls. The ride upstream ends in a natural pool below the falls where an optional raft ride takes visitors through a curtain of cascading water to the Devil’s cave behind the falls. The return trip called Shooting the rapids is a thrill ride through fourteen rapids as the skilled boatmen maneuvers the boat through the narrow rocks as it head downstream.”(

Waste To Win!

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Photo Credit to SODIS EAWAG

Plastik!  Ito ang madalas natin itawag  sa mga taong hindi nagpapakatotoo sa sarili  o nagtatago ng kanyang tunay na kalagayan sa buhay at nadarama.

Plastik rin ang tawag natin sa bagay na lagi nating ginagamit sa araw-araw.  Naging bahagi na  ito ng ating buhay sa matagal na panahon.  Ginagamit natin ito sa mga sumusunod:

  • Sa paggawa ng yelo at ice candy
  • Sisidlan ng ating binili every-time na tayo ay mag-shopping o mamalengke
  • Lagayan ng ating inumin
  • Packaging ng wet goods
  • At iba pa.

Pero teka, alam mo ba na bawal na ang plastik sa ating Bayan?  Oo,  tama ka ang tinutukoy ko ay yung plastik na ginagamit at hindi yung taong plastik.

Kaugnay nito, meron akong magandang balita sa inyo!  Alam mo ba na pwede kang kumita sa plastik.  Ayon sa aking source na si Wendel G. Goma, kalihim ng Brgy. Cabanbanan ay pwede kang kumita nang piso hanggang walong piso sa bawat kilo ng plastik na maipon mo na kukunin ng iyong baranggay kung saan ka nakatira.  Ito ay isang makabuluhang programa ng Pamahalaang Bayan ng Pagsanjan sa pangunguna ng ating butihing mayor Maita J. Ejercito, Sangguniang Bayan Members at Municipal Planning Coordinator( MPDC) na siyang implementor ng proyektong “Waste To Win! Na may tagline na “Sa Plastik, Panalo!”.  Ang programa ay still on-going at matatapos sa Disyembre, 2016.

waste-to-winLayunin ng nasabing proyekto na hikayatin ang ating mga ka-barangay na mag-recycle.  Gayun din upang mabawasan ang basura sa ating bayan na nagdudulot ng malaking pagbaha at nakakasira rin sa ating kalikasan.

Para sa buong detalye at karagdagang impormasyon, mangyari lang na makipagugnayan sa inyong punong barangay o kalihim.

Tara na! Mangulekta ng plastik sa sambahayan.  Ipunin at huwag itapon.  Makiisa para  mapangalagaan ang ating kalikasan at kagalingan nating lahat.

Puerto Real or Arco Real, A Historic Town Gate of Pagsanjan, Laguna

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Pagsanjan’s Town Gate 

Sharing one of Pagsanjan landmarks the Puerto Real.  Photo taken by Ramon F.Velasquez .  “The arch is located at the western entrance of the town along the National Highway.  It leads to Rizal Street (formerly Calle Real) of the town.” (

Pagsanjan Arch also known as Puerto Real or Arco Real is a historic town gate of Pagsanjan, Laguna built from 1878 to 1880 under the supervision of Fray Cipriano Bac. The arch was built by the people of Pagsanjan to express gratitude to their patroness, the Our Lady of Guadalupe, from protecting the town from bandits in 1877.(

What They Say About Pagsanjan Falls?

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The town of   Pagsanjan has became premiere tourists attraction in the province of Laguna because of its famous Pagsanjan Falls.  It’s really spectacular , unique, enchanting and amazing that’s why many tourists from around the world have been attracted to visit it and experience the thrill and adventure of shooting the rapids.  Surely, you’ll be having unusual stories to share  with your friends and family after the trip.

I want you to feel the actual encounter of visiting the Falls so  I’m sharing the following reviews made by  adventurous and fun-loving people who have been there.  I excerpted these for you from Yelp.Com :

“The best experience so far on my trip in the Philippines. If you are looking for places to go or experience in the Philippines, this would be just one of them. The waters come from the national falls of the Philippines. It’s about two hours from Manila due to the traffic but still a good experience”(Edna G).

“The canoe ride was amazing so I didn’t mind that I couldn’t get near Pagsanjan Falls. It was unlike I’ve ever experienced. You get motored to the rapids and once you’re near the rapids, 2 boatmen paddle you upriver. It’s a lot of work so tip them well.”(Jesicca G.)

“But I promise you, the journey to the falls is worth it. You will get to see a really picturesque area. Since it’s such a tourist attraction, there’s even a man made raft that could take you straight to the falls! I noticed though a lot of Koreans love going to this place (I wonder why). Now, the journey back up to land is the harder part (since it’s going up). Overall, this is a good day trip to do!”(Katrina E.)

“As an archipelago, the country isn’t blessed with the most spectacular of mountain ranges. We do have some nice ones, but the variety and shapes are limited. One side effect of having small mountain ranges is the lack of dramatic waterfalls. The waterfall is one of the most spectacular sights in nature, and though we don’t quite have anything to rival Niagra or Angel’s Falls, we do have a few good ones like Pagsanjan falls. It is one of the most famous in the country with its three tiers and beautiful view inside devil’s cave. The boat ride to reach it is calm and smooth, ensuring even senior citizens can make the trip“.(Mikey A)

I encourage all  people who already visited Pagsanjan Falls to  share your memorable trip with us and we’ll be happy to publish it here.  Remember sharing is caring.

How To Apply– Cooperative Exchange & Travel Program (A Vacation Exchange)

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You can travel anywhere in the world and stay for free in private homes or fine hotels. How? By participating in Dito Po Sa Amin…”PAGSANJAN” Cooperative Exchange & Travel Program. You may apply as “host” or “visitor”. As participating visitor or host or registered member of this Program, you offer your home as a stopping point for compatible people when it is convenient for you. In return you can stay for free in any member throughout the world (local or international). Most of the people who belong to this Program are interesting, adventurous and fun-loving. On your next vacation enjoy the personal contact of staying in someone else’s home. Set the world on a shoestring and enjoy!

How It Works?

Step 1.  Apply & Submit Letter of Intent to us.

Step 2. Review & Screening of Applicants – For security of all parties, we conduct necessary screening and verification to participating applicants (both visitor and host applicant).

Step 3.  Matching & Approval of Applicants – Once application is approved visitor or host will receive confirmation and the list of approved list of visitors or hosts from us.  Only the approved visitor or host receives the list.

Step 4.  Scheduling of Travel or Vacation– In this stage, in coordination with the approved hosts, we coordinate with compatible visitor to finalize schedule of travel and other details.

Step 5.  Compatible Visitor Receives Letter of Understanding – After Step 4 is done we will send the compatible visitor a Letter of Understanding for the conformity.

Letter of Intent/Application

We respect your email privacy.  We hate SPAM.

Hit comments below if you need more details.


One Of The Board Passers In Licensure Board Exam For Engineer , A Product of Public School From Pagsanjan, Laguna

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Our country’s Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) released recently the list of successful examinees who have passed in the Civil Engineer Licensure Board Exam held on November 12-13, 2016.  As announced, 5,036 out of 10,972 examinees passed the exams ( source)

We are happy to announce that one of the Board passers is from Pagsanjan,Laguna.  He successfully completed his course  at  Adamson University.   Proud to say  he is a product of our public school system.   Finished his elementary at Unson Elementary School, Cabanbanan, Pagsanjan, Laguna. Received high school diploma from Pedro Guevarra Memorial High School, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Although he did not topped  both in elementary and high school he got diplomas with honors.

Dito Po Sa Amin…PAGSANJAN extends our heartfelt congratulations to Engr. Nick Adrian T.Trinidad for this important achievement in his life.    Like your parents and family, we are also proud of you.   We consider this as a great contribution for the upliftment of the image of our town and public school system.