Notable Pagsanjeños

  1. Gregorio F. Zaide – famous historian and author, “Dean of Filipino Historiographers”
  2. Pedro Pelaez – educator, priest and is considered the “Father of Filipinization of the Church” and “The Godfather of the Philippine Revolution”
  3. Leandro H. Fernandez – educator, author and historian
  4. Francisco Benitez – First Dean of UP College of Education, educator and author, husband of Paz Marquez Benitez
  5. Vicente F. Fabella – educator, economist, civic leader and first Filipino certified public accountant
  6. Severino Taiño – Brigadier General, friend of Paciano Rizal
  7. Virginia Llamas – Queen of Manila Carnival in 1922 and wife of Carlos P. Romulo
  8. Emilio Ramon “Jorge Estregan, Jr.” Ejercito a.k.a. ER Ejercito – actor and former governor of Laguna, famous for the movie Asiong Salonga and El Presidente
  9. Girlie “Maita” Javier Sanchez Ejercito – former actress, current mayor of Pagsanjan and wife of former Laguna Governor Jorge E.R. Ejercito III
  10. Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada – originally born in Tondo, Manila but considered himself as a true son of Laguna because his ancestors originated in Pagsanjan.

    Joseph Estrada 1998.jpg
    By Helene C. Stikkel – U.S. Department of Defense, Public Domain, Link

    11. Ernesto Maceda – former councilor of Manila, former senator, columnist and lawyer

Ernesto Maceda (cropped).jpg
By PhilippinepresidencyOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

12.  June Lazarte – a famous Filipino animal trainer who became famous for his dog named Saver
13.  Mario Montenegro – actor
14. Abner Afuang – mediaman, former police officer and former mayor of Pagsanjan
15.  Louie Ignacio – TV director

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