Who Is Poor?

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By Foreign Eyes

People often say you’re  Australian you must be rich!  But as my foreign eyes look around at the adults visiting friends to play cards, marjong or just to chat and gossip.  I think how different it is to Australia.  We don’t know our neighbors, we only visit if invited. My son-in law once told  me “don’t just call in  if you want to visit,  first ring and make sure it is convenient!”  Filipinos are poor in cars, travel, houses, cloths and many material things. They are richer that western people in human friendships and connections.

This connectivity starts at the cradle with a village raising each child.  Filipino children have few western trappings of Affle once.  No ipad, no xbox, no thousands of dollars of lego, no internet games which need additional dollars to  upgrade to the next level.  They like the adults have a busy social life of hopscotch, thong-tossing, bike riding, chasing  and tag.



Filipino kids do not suffer from obesity like Australian (western) kids.   Who are poisoned by too much processed packed prepared sugar laced food.  I have observed two body morphologies in Filipino kids, skinny and solid but no obese sedentary kids.

I look around and say have I come to a poor country or rich country.  I think the answer is not a poor country measured properly.





Calle Arco

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