Who Is Poor?

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By Foreign Eyes

People often say you’re  Australian you must be rich!  But as my foreign eyes look around at the adults visiting friends to play cards, marjong or just to chat and gossip.  I think how different it is to Australia.  We don’t know our neighbors, we only visit if invited. My son-in law once told  me “don’t just call in  if you want to visit,  first ring and make sure it is convenient!”  Filipinos are poor in cars, travel, houses, cloths and many material things. They are richer that western people in human friendships and connections.

This connectivity starts at the cradle with a village raising each child.  Filipino children have few western trappings of Affle once.  No ipad, no xbox, no thousands of dollars of lego, no internet games which need additional dollars to  upgrade to the next level.  They like the adults have a busy social life of hopscotch, thong-tossing, bike riding, chasing  and tag.



Filipino kids do not suffer from obesity like Australian (western) kids.   Who are poisoned by too much processed packed prepared sugar laced food.  I have observed two body morphologies in Filipino kids, skinny and solid but no obese sedentary kids.

I look around and say have I come to a poor country or rich country.  I think the answer is not a poor country measured properly.





Full Video Coverage On Visiting The Pagsanjan Falls

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“The most popular way of reaching the falls is through the Shooting the rapids boat ride, which originates from any of the resorts along Bumbungan and Balanac Rivers. Two skilled and licensed boatmen takes one to three passengers on wooden or fiberglass, long, narrow canoes to the falls, which could take more than an hour of paddling upstream depending on traffic and water level. The journey takes passengers through the narrow and verdant Pagsanjan Gorge lined with huge boulders, rocks and small waterfalls. The ride upstream ends in a natural pool below the falls where an optional raft ride takes visitors through a curtain of cascading water to the Devil’s cave behind the falls. The return trip called Shooting the rapids is a thrill ride through fourteen rapids as the skilled boatmen maneuvers the boat through the narrow rocks as it head downstream.”(


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Ever since we started travelling, we’ve always been eager to find a way to satisfy our weekend. For this weekend’s getaway, we decided to travel around the province of Laguna. Laguna is recognized by many for being the hot spring capital of the Philippines. But this is not the only thing they’re rich of. The […]


Pagsanjan Falls — markribo

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I’m always fascinated to see a waterfalls, when I was small, the first body of water I saw was the Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal. It was so clean and the water looks painted (turquoise /blue greenish) and it’s really cold. But one thing I remembered was the Pagsanjan falls that is always printed on […]

via Pagsanjan Falls — markribo

Alden RichardsVideo: Visited Pagsanjan Falls For The First Time With Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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May trivia si Alden Richards sa video’ng ito about Pagsanjan Falls. Also, you can see in this video his action -packed adventure during “shooting the rapids”:

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Best Time To Visit The Enchanting Pagsanjan Falls?

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December to May is the best time to visit the enchanting Pagsanjan Falls.  Aside from good weather condition  you can able to observe the Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival which is being held during summer time.

Shooting the Rapids to Pagsanjan Falls

One of my favorite segments of ABS-CBN “Tara , Grets!” by Gretchen Fullido traveled to Pagsanjan, Laguna some time in April, 2015 to experience its famous waterfalls.  On the following video  you can watch  her exciting adventure and you will have an idea what is called “shooting the rapids”.

 Tara, Grets! Exploring Pagsanjan Falls

Shooting the Rapids is the famous attraction when you visit Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of Laguna.  You can reach our famous town about 2-3 hours travel if you’re from Manila.