Welcome to Dito po sa amin…PAGSANJAN,  notes from the home of heroes and ‘Lakan at Binibini Pagsanjan’.  

“Lakan at Binibini Pagsanjan” is a Tagalog translation of Mr. & Miss Pagsanjan, a title conferred to the winners of  the  beauty pageant  initiated by our municipal government.

I was inspired by the lyrics of the  Pagsanjan March and finally came-out with this blog page .  I love Pagsanjan and I wanted to praise and honor her beauty by blogging about her, its people, events and places.  This is my own little way to help my hometown and  fellow “kababayan” in promoting not only the tourism industry but also to let the world know how beautiful Pagsanjan  is and how its people is industrious, hospitable, God fearing, peace-loving and environment friendly.

Pagsanjan March

Patnubayan bayan natin
Pagsanjan mahal sa atin
Dakilain, Papurihan
Karangalan ay ihain
Maligaya niyang tagumpay
Ang marubdob na balakin
Upang tamis ng pag-ibig
Sa puso ay palagiin

Pagsanjan na ating bayan
Na tirahan ng bayani
Bayan ng mga lakan at
Magagandang binibini
Pagsanjan ay idalangin
Pagpalain, bigyang puri
Itanghal at ating ibandila
Ang kanyang gandang iwi

This is the song of Municipality of Pagsanjan and its people, composed by Rogel Taiño, a native of Pagsanjan. 

I decided to make the lyrics of the song as my guiding principles or blue print in making the contents for this Blog.

This online journal won’t just be about Pagsanjan it is additionally about views , stories, news and opportunities , whether taking into account my experience or news from main source.

Nick R. Trinidad
Former Municipal Councilor
Pagsanjan, Laguna (2001-2010)


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